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Pernilla Andersson & Sebastian Raab, Senior R&D Engineers

Pernilla Andersson and Sebastian Raab both work as Senior R&D Engineers at Sensirion. For our new marketing campaign, they took a break from their working day to put themselves in front of the camera.

What does your job involve, day to day?

Pernilla: I work as an engineer in product development, where I see projects through from prototype to production. I spend a lot of time in the lab or clean room developing prototypes of new sensors. In order to arrive at new solutions efficiently, we make sure we are a well-balanced team. We work very dynamically as a team and creativity is a must.

Sebastian: I work in development in the MEMS technology department, focusing on the core component of sensors. My day-to-day work depends on the phase of the project, and at the beginning I spend a lot of time in the clean room or lab. Towards the end of a project, the main focus is on documentation and organization with production.

What makes Sensirion stand out as an employer?

Pernilla: At Sensirion, good teamwork is highly valued, and this is reflected in the work we do every day. This allows us to work dynamically and efficiently, in turn enabling us to quickly take up new ideas and put them into practice.

Sebastian: For one thing, you never get bored – things are always changing and there are always new projects. You also have a lot of freedom at Sensirion as well as short decision-making paths due to flat hierarchies. And lastly, Sensirion also knows how to throw a good party! It is important for building relationships when you don’t just see your colleagues at work but also after a couple of beers.

What motivated you to get involved in the new marketing campaign?

Pernilla: When Elke and Barbara from the marketing team came to us, I was immediately taken with this very creative idea. It was a lot of fun to practice my hobby in such an unusual way!

Sebastian: Climbing is important to me as a hobby, and to do it in such a funny and creative way was a completely different experience!

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