Sensors for life sciences and diagnostics

Relying on microthermal technology, we offer highly repeatable flow measurement down to nanoliters per minute. Thus, our sensors optimize reliability and accuracy in a wide range of analytical laboratory equipment used for applications such as gas chromatography.

The crucial role of water ingress detection in advanced technologies

Watch our webinar and learn more about the challenges vehicle safety architectures face, particularly water ingress, which can compromise safety-critical systems.

Growing trend toward subcutaneous drug delivery

Download our latest specialist article. Our experts provide an in-depth understanding on LVIs and how miniature liquid flow sensors can improve device reliability.

Featured sensors

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All-in-one air quality sensing

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Reliable 5V humidity sensor for industrial applications

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Breaking the size barrier in CO₂ sensing

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Pressure-resistant flow sensors for gas-mixing applications

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The 4th generation of best-in-class humidity sensing

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State-of-the-art temperature sensing for various applications



Formaldehyde sensing made easy

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Versatile mass flow controller, via online distribution

Customized solutions

Sensirion has more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing sensor solutions. With this expertise, we support our customers with mechanical design-in, the development of complex algorithms and the integration of their software into embedded and cloud-based systems.