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Martin Fitzi, Principal Design Engineer

Martin Fitzi works as a design engineer at Sensirion AG in Stäfa. He enjoys the Asian cuisine and spends a lot of his free time climbing in the Alps.

Having spent 11 years at a company with a 20-year history, Martin Fitzi can already be counted among Sensirion's long-term employees. The certified mechatronics engineer came to Sensirion with the goal of establishing an automation group. This group, which works in the equipment engineering area, constructs and builds new, customer-specific machines that ensure the manufacture of millions of sensors. The automation group's activities range from brainstorming with the various departments to technical and visual development on the computer, all the way to physical production of the machines. Eleven years later, Martin and subsequent heads of the group have achieved a great deal. What began as a one-man project is now a group with some dozen employees.

"I prefer to grapple first-hand with the technology in order to drive innovation and help the company advance."

During this time, Martin’s career at Sensirion has gone through different phases. “While the automation group was being constantly expanded – with me at its head – I had to give up a lot of practical activities in order to focus on my administrative and management responsibilities,” he explains.

“It got to the point when I realized I would have preferred to perform the tasks I was delegating rather than lead the team.”

At Sensirion, he had the opportunity to switch from a leadership position to a technical career. “Either you like to delegate and make strategic decisions as the head of the team, or you prefer to grapple first-hand with the technology in order to drive innovation and help the company advance.” Martin is much more of the hands-on type, and he ultimately stepped down from his management role in order to concentrate on the technical details. He has since earned the title of Principal Engineer at Sensirion thanks to his accomplishments, which include courses and highly innovative production concepts. “Looking back, the switch was definitely the right decision,” he asserts.“

My commitment during my time at Sensirion has never wavered, which really speaks to the positive atmosphere, creative freedom and trust at the company,” says Martin. The mixture of innovative working methods, flat hierarchies and a forward-thinking strategy are important cornerstones for Martin. “People really take risks here. Thinking outside of the box is encouraged and you get support from all sides. After 11 years, this is what keeps me motivated day after day and proud to help write Sensirion's story of success.”

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