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Lorenz Olbrich, Intern R&D Temperature and Humidity

Lorenz Olbrich works as an R&D temperature and humidity intern at Sensirion AG in Stäfa. In his free time, he can often be found in the mountains, either hiking or skiing.

To what extent were you able to use the knowledge gained during your studies in your work?

Thematically, the internship in research and development for temperature and humidity sensors didn't actually have much to do with my chemistry studies at ETH Zurich. But it wasn't so much specialist knowledge that I brought with me, but rather pragmatic thinking and problem-solving skills. These enabled me to learn and see a lot of new things during the six months.

Which activities were you able to take on in your internship?

I was able to take on a range of varied tasks and work very independently. At the beginning, I had a project focused on the construction and adaptation of a measuring station, where I was also able to do a lot of manual work. Later on, I worked on the control and characterization of the measuring station, for which I programmed automated evaluations of large data sets. In another project, I was responsible for kinetic studies of a chemical reaction. This gave me a relatively large amount of responsibility, as the team based its work on this and was thus dependent on my work.

What did you like most about your internship?

That was actually the entire way of working. The team is very young. Whenever problems needed to be solved, they were approached with incredible courage and pragmatism. I was impressed that it worked out so well. I also appreciate the trust and independence that I have been given. This just goes to show how well the team works together.

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