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Dario Lenherr, Junior Process Engineer

Dario Lenherr works as a junior proccess engineer at Sensirion AG in Stäfa. During his breaks at work, he enjoys playing a game of billiards with his colleagues.

What development have you experienced at Sensirion?

I joined Sensirion in August 2018 as an intern software developer in the PCM group. I started without any experience in a technical profession, only with the knowledge from my studies in systems engineering. I was able to apply this theoretical knowledge well and put it into practice - especially in the area of software development. That's what the internship is for. I stayed here afterwards and was employed as a Junior Process Engineer. There is potential for development in many other areas in this position, but I haven't yet been in my profession long enough to explore this. I think that will come.

How helpful is the knowledge you gained in your studies for the job?

I took the technical basics from my studies with me and they were very helpful, especially at the beginning. But a large part of it is learning by doing. You can be shown how it works and then have to implement it.

What is your biggest challenge?

I joined a new team for a product that is in the process of industrialization. A lot of people have to communicate with each other and tackle problems together. I am responsible for testing and calibration at wafer level. I work with ASIC, software, hardware and many other teams. As I don't yet know all the processes and participants, I still struggle a little and have to gather information. Fortunately, everyone in the team is very helpful - no matter who you turn to, they can all help somehow.

What would you change in your workplace if you could?

The rooms here are already very green, but I would be happy to have more plants in the office. Otherwise, I am completely satisfied.

What does your business card say now? What should it say in 10 years?

At the moment it says Junior Process Engineer and of course Sensirion. In 10 years, hopefully there will be no junior, maybe even a senior? But it's also my first job after my studies, so I can't say yet whether this is the career I'm definitely going to pursue. It could also be a completely different job title. But I can imagine that Sensirion will still be written under it.

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