Lead the energy transition with Sensirion. Our innovative sensor solutions for the multigas future (natural gas, hydrogen, biomethane and blends) are suitable for gas meters, gas analyzers, combustion processes, fuel cells and more.

Smart energy

Gas metering: proven for years and ready for the multigas future

Accuracy, safety, reliability and cost are major challenges in measuring renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane. Sensirion solutions are suitable for any gas mixture. Our customers’ products containing our solutions can be just as compact as natural gas meters. Sensirion offers the world’s first multi-gas modules for gas meters – proven, reliable and compliant with standards.
Smart energy

Combustion control in boilers: energy efficient and safe operation

High-precision control of gas appliances is absolutely vital to ensuring reliable, safe operation and simultaneous energy efficiency. Sensirion offers solutions for optimum combustion processes in boilers. Our future-proof solutions are also compatible with concentrations of up to 100% hydrogen.
Smart energy

Gas analyzers for custody transfer: fast, compact, and autonomous

The decentralized introduction of biogas and hydrogen into the natural gas grid triggers demand for a more granular monitoring of gas composition and calorific value. Sensirion gas analyzer solutions offer a tailored means to measure relevant gas parameters in an autonomous way with a compact instrument that offers high measurement speeds and reduced maintenance costs.

Our expertise

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gas meters have been in operation in the field for over a decade.


products come with all required certifications for their target applications.