Transport of perishable goods

Sensors enable proper monitoring and control of transport conditions. Losses can be proactively prevented and supply chain quality can be improved.

Reduction of food waste

Temperature monitoring can be used to ensure a controlled environment that allows food to be transported safely and guarantees its freshness.

Increased food quality

When temperature is constantly monitored and regulated during transport, the shelf life of food can be increased.

More transparency in the supply chain

Continuous monitoring of temperature conditions during food transportation enables identification of gaps in the supply chain.

Discover how Sensirion contributes to the solution.

ISO17025 certification

Sensirion has become the world's first ISO17025-accredited semiconductor company to introduce a new series of ISO17025-calibrated digital sensors for a variety of applications.

Market leader in RH/T sensor technology

Sensirion defined the market standard in humidity and temperature sensing more than 20 years ago with the best-in-class SHT sensor series.

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Condition monitoring of critical shipments must be real-time, highly accurate and compliant. Thanks to Sensirion, our products are made of the best components available in the market. Martin Forest, VP Technology & Operations at Tive

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±2% Digital humidity and temperature sensor, ISO17025 certified

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  • Humidity


±0.4°C Digital temperature sensor with ISO17025 certification

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±0.48°C Digital temperature sensor with ISO17025 certification

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CO₂ accuracy of ±(0.5 vol% + 3% MV) @0-100 vol%

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  • CO₂
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The 4th generation of best-in-class humidity sensing