Gas meters

Ready for a multigas future in gas metering

Established technology

Sensirion gas meter modules are based on the thermal-mass measurement principle. More than 6 million gas meters in the field and third-party studies after 10 years of field installation underpin this proven measurement technology.

Lead the energy transition

Sensirion gas meter modules measure any gas mixture, including LNG, pure hydrogen, biomethane, or either of them blended with natural gas. A meter relying on Sensirion’s technology can stay in the field without modifications after natural gas is gradually or completely replaced by hydrogen or biogas.

Compact gas meters and reduced logistics costs

The compact size allows for a compact meter design. The meters operate noiselessly, as there are no moving parts.

Towards energy measurement

The increasing variability in gas composition makes fair and accurate billing a challenge. Thermal-mass technology provides the basis for natural gas energy metering. Sensirion sensors are already able to estimate the calorific value of gas.

Sensirion’s gas meter modules receive EN 17526 evaluation certificate

Sensirion’s gas meter modules are based on the thermal-mass measurement principle and meet the strict criteria of the new harmonized standard EN 17526. Both NMi and Tifernogas, two leading notified bodies in Europe for the testing and certification of measuring instruments with ISO 17025 approval, have certified Sensirion’s sensor modules.

Discover how Sensirion contributes to the solution.

Proven technology, certified for the future

Proven by over 6 million meters in the field, billions of hours of reliable metering and independent laboratory tests, Sensirion meters are ready for the future and for all gas mixtures.

Low power consumption and competitive on costs

Thanks to a streamlined design, high-volume production and a highly integrated semiconductor chip.

Competitive on costs

Thanks to the product’s ultra-low power consumption of <105 mAh/year, manufacturers can save on battery costs.

Easy, fast and cost-efficient MID approval

Save 30% on your meter certification costs thanks to sensor evaluation certification according to EN 17526, EN 14236 and OIML R 137.

Tamper-proof and smart

Enable smart features like tampering detection, self-diagnostics and grid analytics.

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Climate neutrality, sustainability and the reduction of CO₂ emissions are now global trends. The decarbonization of the energy sector plays an important role in this context, as this sector contributes significantly to CO₂ emissions. A promising strategy here is the use of renewable gases such as biogas or sustainably produced hydrogen gas, or that of admixtures of renewable gases with natural gas.

We examined 19 thermal mass gas meters. They were selected out of a pool of 2749 meters, which had been in operation for 5 to 7 years. All were still well within specifications with most still measuring as accurate as brand new meters. Henri Schouten Senior Expert at NMi