Drive and control solutions for airflow control

Ventilation concepts for rooms require modern, energy-efficient VAV control concepts and should ensure a demand-based supply of fresh air from the AHU fan to the various zones of the building.

Implementing environmental and differential pressure sensors in controlled/automatic ventilation systems ensures ideal demand-based ventilation and increases energy efficiency.

Discover how Sensirion contributes to the solution.

Sensirion is first choice for leading suppliers worldwide

Sensirion's differential pressure sensors are the market leader in VAV damper control and are used by leading suppliers worldwide. More than 50% of the market relies on Sensirion.

Highest energy efficiency

The highly accurate measurement signal resolution and sensitivity at low air flows allows the ventilation system to operate at the lowest pressures, which noticeably increases energy efficiency.

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Indoor air quality

In recent years, a new demand for clean air has developed among many people who value healthy living. When it comes to air quality, most of them rightly are worried about atmospheric pollution, but tend to forget about indoor air pollution.

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