Battery energy storage systems

Early detection of malfunctions and leakages ensures safety in energy storage systems

ESS for flexibility and renewable energies

Stationary energy storage systems are up the front when it comes to providing flexibility and using renewable energy. However, they contain Li-ion batteries. A major risk with Li-ion batteries is thermal runaway, which can lead to fires and the resulting loss of expensive equipment.

Thermal runaway and fire detection

Extensive research has demonstrated that gas sensors can detect thermal runaway early. In utility-scale systems, this detection in a cell or battery module can prevent the entire container from catching fire and considerably reduce the event's economic impact.

Higher efficiency and lower costs

Once the event is detected by the gas sensors and the system is shut down, the asset manager or operator of the BESS can take the necessary corrective action (e.g. replacing the defective battery module) to return the system to service much more quickly than a system that experiences a thermal runaway and fire.

Discover how Sensirion contributes to the solution.

Detection of failure modes in battery energy storage systems

Sensirion sensor can detect electrolysis, electrolyte leakage, first venting, off-gassing and thermal runaway.

Use in all types of stationary applications

The gas sensors can be used in residential, C&I, and utility-scale energy storages.

Placement on battery module, rack or system level

The Sensirion sensors can be placed at battery module, rack or system level.

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