Bioreactors: Yield optimizations thanks to sensors

The development of pharmaceutical and medical products such as vaccines require highly precise instruments.

Different parameters for different types of cells

For cell lines to grow optimally and maximize production yield, parameters must be properly adjusted and monitored: pH, temperature, humidity, gas and liquid concentration, and gas and liquid flows.

High precision and detection of failures

Sensors for parameter monitoring are important to achieve high precision and detect failures. If an unwanted value is detected, the sensor triggers an alarm and blocks the bioreactor before damage occurs and expensive materials are wasted.

Real-time monitoring and fast measurement reaction time

Real-time monitoring and control of the parameters enables high versatility and repeatability of the bioreactors. A fast measurement reaction time is required to control the set points.

Data logger for additional control and safety

Data loggers are used to store measured parameters. In case of unexpected results, they can be checked again. For safety and research purposes, it is very valuable to have access to the "history".

Discover how Sensirion contributes to the solution.

Wide portfolio of sensor solutions

The digital high-performance sensors are compact and cost-effective and cover a wide measurement range with high accuracy also down to the lowest limit.

High precision monitoring and control

Sensors make bioreactors extremely versatile for any sort of cell culture, especially for research purpose.

Fast containment actions

Sensors can trigger alarms for air-in-line, overpressure or any out-of-range parameter to enable fast automated containment actions.

Cost reduction thanks to single-use sensors

Using single-use sensors for single-use bioreactors eliminates cleaning procedures and maintenance. Turnaround speed increases and waste of water, detergent and chemicals is reduced.

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Optimizing bioreactor yields with smart sensors

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