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Career news, 02/10/2022

Studies finished – what now?

In an interview for the ETH application guide one of our R&D engineers, Janne Soetbeer, talks about why she decided to start working at Sensirion after her doctorate at ETH and what she appreciates in her daily work.

How did you find your current role?

I was already familiar with Sensirion as an ETH spin-off, and I heard about their interesting products for the first time at an ETH career event. I was able to get more information firsthand from former ETH colleagues who had been working at Sensirion for several years. I visited the company website to find out about the different career opportunities available and applied for a position as an R&D Engineer.

Why did you choose Sensirion?

As a spectroscopist, I was already fascinated by making the invisible visible during my doctoral studies. This also corresponds to the basic principle of a sensor. At Sensirion, one of the leading manufacturers in the field of microsensor technology, you can always be part of the development of extremely innovative products in a wide variety of application areas.

What does your day-to-day work at Sensirion look like?

It largely revolves around planning and carrying out experiments, analyzing experimental data and discussing the results within my team. My day-to-day work is highly varied and involves a balanced combination of cleanroom, lab, and office work.

What do you particularly enjoy about working at Sensirion?

I consider the discussions within my team extremely enriching and educational. I appreciate the positive feedback-culture, the respectful interactions with one another and the flat hierarchies. What I particularly like about my job is coming to understand complex relationships and finding appropriate solutions – always with the aim of developing a functioning sensor.

What do you recommend for students in terms of starting their careers?

In my experience, networking is key. As well as contacts from your studies and doctorate, platforms such as LinkedIn and the ETH Career Center are very useful. I also recommend attending information events at various companies to make contacts and gain an insight into the respective company culture.

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