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Career news, 07/25/2022

Become part of the story as a Software Engineer

Join our Software Engineering Team and learn more about the importance of Software when developing sensors!

Fabrice Oeheler has been working at Sensirion as a Software Engineer for two years and decided to share his daily life with us. His passion for programming and developing sensors is what drives him to be so involved in every project right from the start and until the finished product is ready for our customers.

What in his opinion makes being a Software Engineer at Sensirion unique is, that you get to collaborate with other departments to find the most efficient solution and take different roles in the development process.

He also mentions that it is particularly motivating to see the sensors that you helped develop being used to make a positive impact all around the world.

Want to find out more? Then check out the video linked below for Fabrice’s whole story.

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