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Sven Huang, Product Manager

Sven Huang works as a product manager at the subsidiary Sensirion Automotive Solutions (SAS). He is active in sports, especially in the water when swimming or diving, and is a big fan of orchids.

Sensirion recognized the potential of sensors in the automotive sector and acquired the automotive business of Auto Industrial Co. Ltd. in 2017. This enabled the company to expand its market position as a Tier 1 and OEM sensor module supplier. Within this subsidiary, Sensirion Automotive Solutions (SAS), Sven Huang is responsible for the product management of particulate matter sensors.

What challenges do you face in your work as a product manager?

A product manager strives to bring a successful product to customers through precise product marketing and product planning. To achieve this success, I have to conduct market research and define and forecast a product vision. The biggest challenge in this process is to keep myself on track and launch all the details at the crucial moment to ensure a successful business venture.

What has been your biggest success at Sensirion so far?

I mainly deal with PM2.5 sensors for the automotive industry. This is the first time we have launched a proprietary sensor solution within Sensirion Automotive Solutions since the acquisition of the subsidiary and its products. We already have two successful projects in the pipeline. In the meantime, we are working on several preliminary projects to prepare for the next steps in the future. We are confident that the further improvement of our competencies will lead us to even greater success in the PM2.5 market.

What do you find unique about working at Sensirion?

As part of the automotive industry, Sensirion Automotive Solutions is characterized by a very open atmosphere and young, dynamic thinking - especially when it comes to technology. This is quite unique and really supports business development. I really enjoy working in such an innovative team and developing myself further at Sensirion.

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