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Susanne Pianezzi, Sales Director at Sensirion Connected Solutions

Susanne Pianezzi talks about the newest IoT solution the company has to offer – methane leakage detection system Nubo Sphere. Find out how Nubo Sphere works and why Sensirion has sustainability as a key aspect of our mission.

Susanne, you're working on our new IoT solution, Nubo Sphere. What are the goals of Nubo Sphere?

Nubo Sphere is our brand-new “fully integrated, end-to-end IoT solution” (Internet of Things) for detecting, locating and quantifying methane emissions. Its development began in mid-2021, and we will be launching the first generation in mid-2022. Methane escapes from oil and gas production plants, sewage treatment plants and biogas plants, for example. If we are to meet the targets of the Paris Climate Accords, we will also need to reduce methane emissions in addition to carbon dioxide.

So, Nubo Sphere detects methane emissions and helps reduce environmental impact. Does Nubo Sphere address any other sustainability aspects?

Nubo Sphere consists of a sensor node with solar panel, wind sensor, wireless communication and a methane sensor. One key feature of the solution and the sustainability of Nubo Sphere is that it runs on solar power and can even be used in remote locations that are not connected to the power grid. Another feature is the solution’s sustainable sensor cartridge design: for example, if gases other than methane need to be measured for safety and environmental applications in the future, the cartridges in the sensor node can simply be replaced with different ones. This is good for the environment because you don’t have to replace remaining hardware that is already installed in the field.

Sensirion was founded in 1998 as an ETH Zurich spin-off. Sustainability is a key aspect of its mission. Was this the right path?

Back in 1998, I’m not sure if I would have been able to articculate the complex reasoning surrounding sustainability in the same way Sensirion’s founders do today. Today, it is appropriate and important that Sensirion uses innovation to make sustainability a guiding principle in its mission and to actively embody these principles – which is also interesting from a business standpoint.

Lastly, if we could grant you three wishes, what would they be?

For our society to return to a more normal life, in practical terms, the health of everyone. In the long run, we work together to address the challenges of climate change on a global scale. To achieve this, every individual, society, politics and also the economy must make their contribution. Only in this way can we leave a stable, safe and healthy environment for future generations.

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