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Johannes Goedejohann, Product Manager

Johannes Goedejohann is a product manager at Sensirion. In this video, he talks about his journey from studying for a master’s degree at ETH to working at Sensirion. Experience first-hand what responsibility and trust mean at Sensirion.

What does responsibility mean at Sensirion?

Responsibility is a top priority at Sensirion; ownership is something we look for. Especially as a product manager, that’s something you have to bring to the table. When I had been at Sensirion for 9 months, we were hit by the pandemic just like everyone else. At the same time, we had to meet the increasing demand for flow sensors for ventilators. I had the honor and the good fortune to be part of a project in which the goal was to bring a new sensor to the market in order to meet this demand. The project was successful and for someone fresh out of university, that was a huge vote of confidence in me by the company.

Why would you recommend Sensirion as an employer after graduation?

For me, Sensirion was the perfect post-graduation employer. I had a great supervisor and a very helpful team who trained me well and always helped and supported me. At the same time, the everyday work experience is full of exciting tasks – you always have your finger on the pulse of the times. Decisions made here are later reflected in products all over the world. We also continue to work on the standard technologies that have proven themselves over 20 years, as well as the latest innovations that are not even on the market yet. For someone who is curious, it’s a great professional environment.

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