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Fabrice Oehler, Software Engineer

Fabrice Oehler has been working at Sensirion as a software engineer for two years. In this video he explains what is unique about Sensirion. Find out how important software engineering is in the development and production of our sensors.

What are your daily tasks?

As a software engineer, you are involved in the project right from the start and can therefore help develop processes as well as support others with know-how. The scope of our software group is very broad. Because we do not only develop software that is used for the production of our sensors, but also applications that our customers use or software infrastructure systems. As a result, we also have a lot of different competencies in our team - thus, we don't only have computer scientists working for us, but we have people with many different professional backgrounds.

What makes software development special at Sensirion in particular?

Our work doesn't stop when the software is programmed. From the very beginning, we sit down with different departments and try to find the most efficient solution, and then implement it from A to Z. Programming is of course an important part of this, but our day-to-day work also includes testing, developing requirements, and collaborating with other departments, such as Process Engineering. Therefore, we not only do programming work (which is of course fun), but we also get to interact a lot with other people and take on different roles in process development.

What is special about being involved in the development of sensors?

The fact that we are involved in product development at an early stage means that we identify with the end product. It is therefore always a great pleasure when a product is launched on the market and is successful. Of course, it is particularly motivating to see that sensors that we have helped develop are used in the world for a positive impact - whether it is for environmental issues or in the medical field.

How did you experience starting in the software group?

The team has a very open interaction with each other, and everyone has an open ear when questions arise. This makes it very easy to get started and you can quickly make your own contribution to the products.

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