Steer-by-wire systems

The switch to steer-by-wire systems is a huge change in vehicle design. To ensure the safety of this shift, water ingress monitoring is essential.

Ensuring reliability and safety

Water ingress into the electronics can cause corrosion, resulting in unforeseen malfunctions of steer-by-wire systems. With sensors that constantly monitor the water ingress, functional safety can be guaranteed under all driving conditions.

Compliance with regulations

Given the UNECE regulatory framework, manufacturers must proof that their steer-by-wire system is completely reliable under all conditions and protected by fail-safe mechanisms. Our sensors allow you to comply with these regulations as they accurately monitor water ingress.

Higher levels of automation as a global trend

With the trend toward higher levels of automation, car manufacturers are now opting to replace the mechanical connections between the steering wheel and the wheels with fully electronic connections.


With over 20 years of experience in humidity and temperature sensing, we are aware of many challenges and know how to overcome them.

Automotive certifications

Our sensors are automotive graded, comply with the strictest quality standards and offer highest reliability.

Industry leading lead times

Thanks to collaborations with suppliers and optimized production processes, the lead times for our humidity sensors are only 8 weeks.

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