LiDAR systems

To ensure the safety of LiDAR systems, sensors that can detect water ingress and humidity are crucial.

Complexity and sensitivity of LiDAR systems

If sealings get defective water and humidity can start to enter the enclosure. This threatens optical performance and poses a risk of corrosion of the electronics. Constant monitoring of water ingress and humidity is therefore crucial for passenger safety.

Compliance with regulations

Given the UNECE regulatory framework, manufacturers must proof that their LiDAR system is completely reliable under all conditions and protected by fail-safe mechanisms. Our sensors allow you to comply with these regulations as they accurately monitor water ingress and humidity in every environment.

LiDAR as the most widely used system

Car manufacturers such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have announced plans to integrate LiDAR systems into future models of their vehicles. These offer a significant advantage over other detection systems because they use lasers that enable the creation of a 3D map of the driving environment.


With over 20 years of experience in humidity and temperature sensing, we are aware of many challenges and know how to overcome them.

Automotive certifications

Our sensors are automotive graded, comply with the strictest quality standards and offer highest reliability.

Industry leading lead times

Thanks to collaborations with suppliers and optimized production processes, the lead times for our humidity sensors are only 8 weeks.

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