Battery management system

To ensure vehicle safety and reliability, an active monitoring system is vital to have the conditions of the battery pack always under control

Assure safety and reliability at all times

Knowing that the sanity of the battery pack is continuously monitored is essential to the peace of mind of the vehicle owner. With our sensors constant safety, reliability and efficiency of your vehicle's operation is given.

Ensuring effective failure prediction

Being able to actively recognize failure modes in the battery pack like electrolysis, leakage, first venting or a thermal runaway in a reliable way allows your system to take immediate actions in the best time-efficient manner.

Support for regulation compliance

There are various regulations worldwide on the safety of traction batteries or on liability for personal injuries caused by thermal propagation. Using our sensors support you in designing a system which complies to the regulations.


With over 20 years of experience in environmental sensing, we are aware of many challenges and know how to overcome them.

Automotive certifications

Our sensors are automotive graded, comply with the strictest quality standards and offer highest reliability.

Industry leading lead times

Thanks to collaborations with suppliers and optimized production processes, the lead time for our humidity sensors is only 8 weeks.