We help manufacturers meet stringent emission standards in the mobility industry and reduce the vehicle's energy consumption by up to 3 percent. Our sensors set new standards in terms of comfort, safety, and energy consumption.


ADAS: Functions from cameras to LiDAR to supercomputers

Advanced driver assistance systems have been shown to reduce traffic fatalities by minimizing human error. Autonomous driving features alert drivers to potential problems and take control of the vehicle when needed.

Air intake: Reduced emission levels

Increased requirements in terms of emission levels and environmental impact present automotive manufacturers with the challenge of developing engines that are even more efficient and economical.

Hydrogen for fuel cells: Leakage detection and optimized fuel cell parameters

Hydrogen is one of the most important sources of cheap and clean energy. Fuel cell electric vehicles are expected to play an important role in mobility in the future and will require sensor solutions for increased safety, energy efficiency and durability.

Antifogging: Optimal operation of the air conditioning system

Demand-based climate control not only brings benefits in the summer, because the system also reduces humidity in the colder months of the year, keeping windows free of fogging.

Our expertise

2 out of 3

Sensirion's humidity and temperature sensor solutions are used in two out of three cars worldwide.

AEC Q100

Sensirion's sensor solutions comply with the strictest quality standards and thus offer the highest reliability.