Precise, safe ventilation of patients

In addition to air, other gases, in particular oxygen, are used for ventilation by means of ventilators. Sensor technology can be used to precisely control and monitor the respiratory profile and oxygen concentration.

The fully calibrated and temperature compensated sensors provide accurate bi-directional flow measurements for air and other gases - all with low pressure drop and fast signal sampling. 

Where do you want to measure flow?

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Flow sensors for medical ventilators

Lucas Oehen, Medical Market Manager, gives a short introduction to ventilation and presents innovative solutions to solve commonly encountered challenges with flow measurements in ventilation.
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Flow sensor solutions in modern medical ventilators

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Sensirion was the ideal partner. Their expertise and support shortened our development phase, and the robust design of the sensors contributes to the success of the MEDUMAT ventilator.

Sensirion quickly ramped up production of a new flow sensor product. This allowed us to develop the system with future-proof technologies in less than two months.

Applied medical applications


Anesthesia and ventilation of patients during surgery


Supporting asthma and COPD patients during inhalation


Preventing breathing cessations in sleep apnea patients


Urine flow measurement for the prevention of acute kidney failure