Subcutaneous drug delivery

Miniaturized liquid flow sensors inside large-volume injectors control, confirm and track drug delivery in real time.

Compact and modular sensor platform

Thanks to the modularity of our liquid flow platform flow range, size and interfaces are adjustable depending on the drug type, concentration, and viscosity while keeping the system as compact as possible.

Precise dosing within ul/min to ml/min

For doses that are critical to the patient, precise measurement of the drug delivered is crucial. Our miniaturized flow sensors measure flow with the highest accuracy and allow constant monitoring of the drug delivery.

Increased therapy safety thanks to failure detection

The liquid flow platform is designed to detect malfunctions such as open flow, occlusions or air-in-line, which supports the patient, improves their journey, and maximizes the benefits of the therapy.

Miniaturized flow sensors

Thanks to the small size of the liquid flow platform it can be easily integrated in wearable devices without impacting the physical and social comfort of the patient.

Robust solutions

Since our sensors never need to be calibrated in the field and withstand harsh conditions, they are perfect for wearable devices such as LVIs.

Overcoming challenges

With our over 20 years of experience in liquid flow and flow sensing, we know about many challenges in drug delivery and how to overcome them.

Specialist Article

How miniaturized liquid flow sensors are revolutionizing subcutaneous drug delivery