Smart inhalers

Supporting asthma and COPD patients during inhalation

Immediate feedback on inhalation technique

The highly sensitive and small flow sensor provides feedback to improve patient inhalation technique. This allows physicians to optimize individual therapies.

Improved drug dosing and intake

Sensor technology allows a better understanding of the medication intake and thus reduces the side effects of over- or underdosing.

Monitoring of adherence and disease progression

Caretakers and insurance companies can closely monitor the patient's adherence to therapy and disease progression without additional effort from the patient.

Flexible smart inhaler solution

Inhalers can be upgraded with sensor technology, which can be either integrated or attached as a clip-on solution. This is based on a proven solution in medical ventilators (e.g. CPAPs).

Unique solution

The inhaler clip-on does not interfere with the flow path of the inhaler, which makes integration easy and user experience better.

High accuracy

Sensor technology guarantees highly accurate measurement of inspired airflow and inhaler trigger timing.

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