Controlled delivery of nitric oxide

In nitric oxide (NO) therapy, precise measurement and control of air-oxygen flow and mixing with NO are essential. In the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, inhaled nitric oxide lowers pulmonary artery pressure and dilates blood vessels.

Sensirion's sensor technology ensures reliable, high-precision treatment with nitric oxide to reduce pressure in the pulmonary artery and dilate blood vessels, for example.

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Solution portfolio

To determine air flow to the patient for NO admixture single and multi-way solutions in portfolio.

Market leader for gas flow measurement

In use at the market leader for Nitric Oxide therapies.

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Applied medical applications


Anesthesia and ventilation of patients during surgery


Supporting asthma and COPD patients during inhalation


Preventing breathing cessations in sleep apnea patients


Urine flow measurement for the prevention of acute kidney failure