Heated, humidified high-flow oxygen

High-flow ventilation requires controlling the flow of oxygen to the patient as well as monitoring the humidity and temperature of the supplied air.

The use of flow and differential pressure sensors from Sensirion enables breath-controlled triggering of oxygen delivery via nasal cannulas as well as precise, reliable control of oxygen flow in patients with breathing difficulties.

Discover how Sensirion contributes to the solution.

High-precision flow sensors

High-precision flow sensors enable the flow of air, oxygen or even exotic gases such as helium to be precisely detected.

Solution portfolio

Depending on the focus, a simple and fast integration of the flow module or a dedicated ultra-compact solution can be applied.

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Applied medical applications


Anesthesia and ventilation of patients during surgery


Supporting asthma and COPD patients during inhalation


Preventing breathing cessations in sleep apnea patients


Urine flow measurement for the prevention of acute kidney failure