Takeover of heart and lung function during surgery

Reliable and maintenance-free gas mixing

During surgery, gas mixing is reliable and maintenance-free.

Faster time-to-market, simplified integration and design-in

Sensirion's sensors simplify integration and design-in. This, in turn, allows you to launch your device on the market in the shortest possible time.

Highly accurate airflow control for better device performance

Sensirion sensors control the gas flow of air, O₂ and CO₂ and their mixtures extremely precisely.

Fewer mass flow controllers save cost, space and reduce weight

You need fewer mass flow controllers overall in a single device. This in turn saves cost and space and reduces the weight of your heart-lung machine.

Performance where it's needed

From the smallest to the largest flows, the large dynamic range of each mass flow controller allows to reduce the number of conventional mass flow controllers.

Solution portfolio

Customized solutions for the most compact design, lowest pressure drop or exotic gases.

Customized solutions

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