Reliable drug monitoring during infusion

Increased patient safety thanks to reliable error detection

Our liquid flow sensors provide advanced failure detection of air bubbles, blockages, free flow or infiltration.

Better patient support thanks to telemonitoring

Our smart sensor technology enables accurate and continuous remote monitoring of patients without interfering too much with their daily lives.

Monitoring pump flow and low flow rates in neonatology

Our miniaturized liquid flow sensors are a perfect fit for the reliable monitoring of low flow rates and pump performance needed in neonatology.

Reduction of costs and downtime

Thanks to the high accuracy and reliability of our sensors, and the fact that they never need to be re calibrated in the field, they reduce equipment downtime and are cost-efficient.

Miniaturized flow sensor

Very small liquid flow sensor revolutionizes drug delivery.

Safety when it matters

Safety in applications where precise or timed delivery is critical.

More comfort for patients

Keeping the patient in sight even when the medication is administered in the comfort of the patient's home.

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