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Ensuring optimal indoor air quality

Indoor air quality sensors enable accurate measurement of environmental parameters to monitor air quality and the condition of filters in use. An alarm is triggered if air pollution is too high.

Autonomous device control

Reliable measurements with environmental sensors enable automated operation of the air purifier. Depending on the level of air pollution, the air purifier can increase the air rate through the filter to provide cleaner air for the user.

Reduction of dust and pollen pollution

When the sensor system in the air purifier detects heavy fine dust and pollen load, the air purifier increases the air flow rate through the filter, immediately reducing air pollution and ensuring a healthy environment for the end user.

Increased energy efficiency

The indoor air quality sensors enable smart fan control that only switches on the air purifier when the detected air pollution requires it. Building occupants benefit from on-demand operation and minimizes power consumption.

All-In-One Environmental Node

Sensirion's leading expertise in environmental sensing is packaged in a sensor module that greatly simplifies mechanical and electrical integration.

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Know-how and support

With our expertise, we guide our customers from mechanical design-in to the development of complex algorithms, ensuring comprehensive support at every stage.

Quality and reliability

Thanks to our long-term experience in developing and manufacturing sensor solutions, we provide excellent reliability and long-standing stability.


As an innovation-driven company we are always keen to find new sensor solutions for demanding applications.

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