06/23/2020, News

Smart CPAPs to reduce the global mortality rate of newborns

A total of 7% of all newborns and up to 30% of all premature babies suffer from respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). If newborns are not professionally treated immediately after birth, the mortality rate is almost 100%.

With RDS the alveoli of the babies' lungs collapse, which leads to reduced gas exchange and consequently to hypoxemia, i.e. the babies cannot absorb enough oxygen and their organs fail. In the United States, mortality from RDS is less than 2%. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices can effectively treat all of these babies after birth. CPAPs and other advanced therapies have generally revolutionized the treatment of adults as well as children and babies with respiratory problems in high-income areas in recent years. Less well-developed countries, such as India, are lagging behind in this respect. In India, the mortality rate of newborns due to RDS is 20%. At the same time, India accounts for over 20% of births worldwide.

The treatment of RDS is also a concern of the UN. The long-term goal is to reduce the mortality rate of newborns to 12 per 1,000 live births. D-Rev supports this goal.

As a global company, D-Rev has the expertise and technology to develop next-generation CPAP devices and thus save the lives of newborns. The new respiratory devices take advantage of progress in medical research and sensor technology to provide optimized respiratory support for newborns. At the same time, they reduce the burden on already scarce nursing staff in neonatal intensive care units in hospitals. The new CPAP devices from D-Rev measure air flow during ventilation with a Sensirion neonatal flow sensor specifically designed to give healthcare workers higher resolution for improved outcomes.

"Our mission is to improve the availability of CPAP devices worldwide while simplifying their use by hospital staff to greatly reduce neonatal mortality," says Boston Nyer, COO at D-Rev. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Medical Key Account Manager at Sensirion, adds: "Improving people’s quality of life and health is one of Sensirion’s major ambitions. That's why we're excited to support D-Rev with our sensors."

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