05/27/2020, News

Sensirion supports smart climate project

The sensor network for recording the regional microclimate is largely installed and has been in operation since April 2020. It forms an important part of the "Smart Climate - Plug & Sense" project led by the association Smart Regio Basel.

People in the Basel region are also facing more frequent, more severe heat waves, and heavier and longer periods of precipitation alternate with more extreme dry periods. In densely populated areas and in the conurbation, it sometimes becomes unbearably hot. Climate change poses challenges for the region. Solutions are therefore needed that will enable people to live together despite these drastic climate changes. For the development of such concepts to be successful, however, experts need one thing above all else: precise, reliable and close-knit collected data on the so-called microclimate, which can be used to closely record the development of weather in urban regions and then model it using the data obtained.

Read the full press release of Smart Regio Basel and learn how Sensirion supports this project (German only).

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