06/05/2020, News

Sensirion supports 40to60rh petition as official partner

There is strong scientific evidence that a mid-range air humidity has significant benefits for human health. Thus, the time has come for regulations on indoor air quality to include a humidity level of 40-60%RH.

What is the petition about? It is proven, that 40-60%RH is the optimal level for our respiratory immune system, and will reduce the spread of seasonal respiratory illnesses and their burden on society. Dr. Stephanie Taylor is calling on the World Health Organization to review the scientific evidence on humidity and health, and recommends a minimum lower limit of indoor humidity in public buildings to reduce respiratory infections.

Why does Sensirion support this petition? Sensirion is the market leader in humidity sensing having a track record of more than 20 years in providing digital humidity and temperature sensors. Our humidity and temperature sensors are established as the market standard due to their best-in-class performance, high reliability as well as technology leadership. The SHT1x was the first digital, calibrated, reflow-solderable humidity sensor (launched in 2001) and marked the beginning of a new category of humidity sensors.

The scientific background cited in this petition reflects our experience from working with a multitude of medical and building technology customers as well as research partners. Controlled humidity levels inside buildings is of huge relevance to our everyday health since we spend the vast majority of our time indoors. We believe that the the current pandemic emphasizes the relevance of this petition. Therefore, we encourage everyone to support this petition to gain the attention of the World Health Organisation.

Support the petition and learn more about it on the 40to60 website. And if you are interested in humidity sensing, visit the corresponding pages on our website.

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