10/15/2020, Press release

Sensirion Inside: CO₂ traffic lights rely on Sensirion CO₂ sensor

We are pleased to announce that ISIS IC GmbH has chosen our SCD30 CO₂ sensor for its CO₂ signal lights for classrooms, thus enabling reliable and accurate measurements in schools.

Scientists have proven that SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses are mainly spread by aerosols exhaled by infected people. In enclosed indoor spaces (classrooms, offices, gyms, theaters, etc.), the main source of aerosols and CO₂ is the human body itself. High CO₂ concentrations in rooms are therefore accompanied by high aerosol levels, which in turn indicate inadequate ventilation and also increase the risk of infection. Measuring CO₂ is therefore a useful method for assessing air quality with respect to CO₂ and aerosol concentration, and enables simple, clear, and feasible ventilation recommendations to be made. In the cold season in particular, it is possible to achieve a balance between preventing the building becoming too cold through ventilation, and reducing the risk of viral infection.

“As the expert in environmental sensor technology, Sensirion is the ideal partner for our CO₂ traffic lights. Thanks to its high accuracy, compact size, and excellent performance, Sensirion’s SCD30 CO₂ sensor met all our requirements”, says Dirk Unsenos of ISIS IC GmbH. “In the meantime, we have already been able to gain important insights during our pilot projects in schools, which are significant with regard to safety and acceptance in daily classroom use.”

“While larger respiratory droplets sink quickly to the ground, aerosols can float in the air for a long time. It is therefore especially important to monitor and optimize air quality in classrooms. We are convinced that the CO₂ signal light with its reliable measurement and instructive traffic light colors can help to monitor air quality and thus minimize the risk of infection and improve students’ concentration”, says Pascal Gerner, Director Product Management at Sensirion.

Sensirion’s SCD30 sensors, based on CMOSens® Technology, enable high-accuracy carbon dioxide measurements at an attractive price-performance ratio. In addition to the CO₂ sensor, a first-class humidity and temperature sensor is used on the same sensor module.It is the ideal solution for determining air quality and for applications in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) sector.

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