10/18/2022, News

Faster lead times for humidity and temperature sensors

Sensirion reduces the lead time of its humidity and temperature sensors from 14 to 8 weeks.

Humidity and Temperature Sensor SHT4x

Advanced market adoption of Sensirion’s fourth-generation humidity and temperature sensors has reduced overall lead times. Thanks to the close collaboration with suppliers and the introduction of optimized production processes, Sensirion’s customers now benefit from the fastest lead times on the market for these critical semiconductor-based sensors. The highly automated, Swiss-based production site provides highest product reliability and quality, guaranteed by 100% end test coverage on all sensors shipped. 

The previous delivery time of 14 weeks will be reduced to 8 weeks, effective immediately. The SHT3x humidity sensors, with filter-membrane and protective cover options, can be delivered within 10 weeks. 

Latest generation of humidity and temperature sensors 

The SHT4x and STS4x humidity and temperature sensor platforms are based on Sensirion’s patented CMOSens® technology, featuring standard SMD assembly processes. The sensors offer maximum reliability, as demonstrated by accelerated life tests, and optional wettable flank packaging. They feature a complete sensor system on a single chip with a fully calibrated digital I2C interface and they are available in different accuracy versions.  

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