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Rob Teng, Program Manager

Rob Teng works as a program manager at Sensirion AG in Stäfa. In his free time, he enjoys working out, which is why he can often be found at the Sensirion gym.

During the course of his studies at Delft University of Technology in Holland, Rob Teng became fascinated with electronic chips – one of the main components of sensors. So, his career path was not a surprise. After a few years as an electronics developer in France, his career brought him to Zurich, where he designed chips for mobile phones for more than 10 years, before moving to Sensirion in 2012.

Today, Rob is one of eight program managers at Sensirion and monitors several gas flow products from development to mass production. He is responsible is for ensuring that industrialization runs smoothly and that the sensors are delivered to the customer on time and at the highest quality. However, this does not mean that he develops or produces sensor products himself. In fact, he has an upper-level control function and, as the first contact person, handles all problems and suggestions for improvement associated with the product or its production.

This responsibility makes his job versatile and diverse. Sensirion’s claim is to always supply customers with products of the highest quality. Therefore, Rob sometimes has to drop everything to address a problem that has to be solved immediately. These problems can include an idle production machine or a component delivered with a potential quality defect that cannot be processed further. In this case, Rob’s task is to get to the bottom of the problem and involve anyone who can contribute to a quick solution.

As part of the systematic problem analysis, he also clarifies how the problem emerged and why it was not noticed earlier, in order that incidents of this kind are prevented in future.

My job depends heavily on external influences and requires a lot of flexibility and the ability to improvise. This is exactly what makes it so exciting and diverse.

The ability to work with so many different experts from a wide variety of departments is also what he likes about his job.

“At Sensirion, everyone works in the same direction and the company values of ‘togetherness’, ‘peak performance’ and ‘fair & honest’ are practiced daily throughout all hierarchy levels. At the same time, there is very close contact with management. Finally, it is not usual in all companies that one can simply approach the CEO at the weekly Friday beer or in the cafeteria and ask him critical questions about corporate strategy.”

These factors, coupled with Sensirion’s great future potential, makes Rob happy to go to work every morning.

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