MOXSens® and PASens® extension


MOXSens® combines a CMOSens® platform with metal oxide-based sensor technology for highly sensitive and extremely reliable VOC measurements.


PASens® combines a CMOSens® platform with a photoacoustic sensor principle for CO₂ measurement, allowing extreme miniaturization without sacrificing performance.

Technology to the respective measuring principles

Technology milestones
Timeline - Image - Technology milestones
1st generation: miniaturized sensor component
Development CMOSens® chip 1st generation
2nd generation: 1st generation plus amplifier and A/D converter
3rd generation: 2nd generation plus intelligence for linearization and temperature compensation
MOXSens® technology for measuring indoor air quality
MOXSens® Technology combines a CMOSens® platform with metal-oxide based sensing technology in SGP gas sensor
4th generation: 3rd generation plus memory to hold calibration data
PASens® technology
PASens® Technology is based on the photoacoustic sensing principle.