CMOSens® – the centerpiece of our sensor solutions

Patented technology

Sensor technology and evaluation fused on a tiny chip

Our microsensor structures are produced on specially developed and patented semiconductor chips via targeted microsystem technology processing steps, which then enables the fusion of the sensor element and analog and digital evaluation electronics on a tiny CMOS silicon chip.

Precision and reliability

CMOSens® guarantees the highest possible measurement accuracy, as the sensitive analog sensor signals can be amplified and digitized on site, resistant to interference and with the highest precision. With the elimination of failure-prone solder joints, users benefit from outstanding long-term stability.

Efficiency through standardization

As the standard for semiconductor manufacturing, CMOS is optimized for reliable volume production. Thanks to miniaturization, system costs and size are also reduced in comparison to conventional sensors. Sensirion sensor systems are fully calibrated, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming calibration procedures.

MOXSens® and PASens® extension


MOXSens® combines a CMOSens® platform with metal oxide-based sensor technology for highly sensitive and extremely reliable VOC measurements.


PASens® combines a CMOSens® platform with a photoacoustic sensor principle for CO₂ measurement, allowing extreme miniaturization without sacrificing performance.

Technology to the respective measuring principles