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Our products are categorized by measurement parameter. Discover the range of products offered by Sensirion.

Thanks to maximum performance, high reliability and leading prices, our humidity sensors set the standard in the market.

Digital temperature sensors for high-precision measurements, with certified calibration according to ISO 17025 on request.

Digital VOC sensor specially designed for integration into air treatment devices and air quality monitors.

Sensors with long-term stability and low cross-sensitivity to ethanol and VOCs to minimize false alarms.

Sensirion CO₂ sensors enable accurate and reliable measurements in a wide range of concentration areas and applications.

Precise measurements of different types of dust and other particles to determine air quality.

Calibrated sensors for measuring small and smallest flow rates with maximum safety, stability and reliability.

Measure the smallest pressure differences above 0.1 Pa quickly and precisely with calibrated and fully temperature-compensated sensors.

Gas flow

Measure the gas flow quickly and stably with reliable sensors with long-term stability and no zero-point drift. |

Mass flow controllers with the highest accuracy and long-term stability for a large dynamic range of measurements.

Microthermal meter solutions for reliable monitoring of real-time gas consumption with low electricity consumption.

High-end on-line gas composition analysis. For industrial process and factory automation. Enabled by micro GC chip technology (MEMS).