Optimal operation of the air conditioning system

How our sensors make a difference

Optimum ambient climate

Measurements of temperature and relative humidity as well as other environmental parameters enable intelligent control of the air conditioning system and thus optimum climate conditions for people.

Increased safety

Measurements of temperature and relative humidity directly on the surface of the windshield or in the driver's cab, combined with intelligent climate control, prevent windshields from fogging up and thus increase safety for people.

Increased energy efficiency

Conditioning the air quality requires energy. Thanks to sensor solutions, the air conditioning system is controlled in an energy-saving way and only switches on when the ambient humidity is too high or the selected room temperature is exceeded.

Why Sensirion should be part of your solution

Market leader in humidity sensors

Sensirion's humidity and temperature sensor solutions are used in two out of three cars worldwide.

AEC Q100 qualified sensor technology

Sensirion's sensor solutions comply with the strictest quality standards and thus offer the highest reliability.

Quality and Reliability

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