Urine flow measurement

Urine flow measurement for the prevention of acute kidney failure

How our sensors make a difference

Digitization and automation of urine flow measurement

With the liquid flow sensors, urine flow measurement over a longer period of time can be completely digitized and automated.

Simplify clinical workflow and improve safety

With Sensirion's sensors, you can simplify clinical workflow to improve patient safety.

Warning for low flow rates and increased risk of kidney failure

The sensors warn in case of low flow and threatening AKI symptoms. This increases patient safety.

Data logging and automatic report generation

Data is logged and reports are generated for nurses and physicians based on this data.

Why Sensirion should be part of your solution

Miniaturized flow sensor

Very small liquid flow sensor continuously monitors urine flow.

Fit for the future

Develop solutions that move our healthcare system forward and reduce costs and labor.

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