Heart-lung machines

Takeover of heart and lung function during surgery

Reliable and maintenance-free gas mixing

Proven technology with outstanding stability.

Faster time-to-market, simplified integration and design-in

Our sensors simplify integration and design-in. In turn, this allows you to launch your device on the market in the shortest possible time.

Highly accurate airflow control for better device performance

Sensirion sensors control the gas flow of air, O₂ and CO₂ and their mixtures with extreme precision.

Fewer mass flow controllers reduce cost, space and weight

Fewer mass flow controllers are needed per device, thus reducing the cost, space requirements and weight of your heart-lung machine.

SFC5500 mass flow controller

The SFC5500 offers a fast-settling time that enables fast control of the gas flow to the oxygenator.

Discover our sensors



Versatile MFC for OEM projects with high unit quantities

  • Sensor
  • Mass flow controllers


Pressure-resistant flow sensor, air and O₂, 50slm, basemount

  • Sensor
  • Gas flow sensors


Compact digital flow sensor, 240 slm

  • Sensor
  • Gas flow sensors


Proximal flow sensor for respiratory devices, single-use, 250 slm

  • Sensor
  • Gas flow sensors


Proximal flow sensor for respiratory devices, reusable, 250 slm

  • Sensor
  • Gas flow sensors

Find out why Sensirion should be a part of your solution

Trusted and proven

The strong reputation we have built over the past two decades in automotive, medical and industrial applications is founded on our reliable flow sensor portfolio, which is well-known for its outstanding performance.

Expertise and knowhow

Benefit from our extensive expertise and knowledge in medical applications such as ventilation, anesthesia and NO therapy to address your challenges effectively.

Reliable partner

Repeatedly proven to be a reliable and dependable partner for our customers, always there when it's most needed.

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