CPAP devices

Preventing breathing cessations in sleep apnea patients

Lightweight, portable CPAP devices thanks to very small sensors

Sensirion's sensors are ultra-small, making them the perfect solution for lightweight and portable CPAP devices.

Precise flow control for maximum patient comfort

The very accurate and sensitive flow sensors maximize patient comfort at home.

Reliability throughout the lifetime of the device

Reliable and accurate CPAP flow measurement, maintenance-free for the life of the device.

Outstanding price/performance ratio and short time to market

In addition to an outstanding price-performance ratio and a very short time-to-market, our sensors enable a straightforward integration and design.

>90% market share

Market leader for sensor technology in CPAP devices.

A guarantee for success

Proven and consistently optimized flow measurement solution proven in CPAPs for >10 years.

Reliable sensor partner

Even during global allocation and drastic volume increases, we have always been able to supply all customers.

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