Breath analyzers

Monitoring CO2 in human breath

How our sensors make a difference

Overcoming challenges

In the challenging environment of human breath, a sensor platform that allows accurate measurement of CO2 concentration is crucial.

Overall improved user experience

To have a robust and reliable platform, the absence of moving parts or sensitive optics is important. An easy assembly and alignment during manufacturing also helps to save costs and form factor.

Valuable insights into metabolism and fitness

Discrete, portable and battery-powered devices are not only relevant in the medical but also in the consumer area and bring value to the patient by providing measurement-based insight into their own metabolism or fitness.

Why Sensirion should be part of your solution

Overcome challenges

With our over 20 years of experience in gas flow and gas sensing, we know about many challenges in breath analysis and how to overcome them.

Robust solutions

Since our sensors never need to be calibrated in the field and withstand harsh conditions, they are perfect for emergency devices and outdoor well-being applications.

Companion devices

Thanks to their small size and low power consumption our sensors allow the development of portable integrated devices.