Filter monitoring

Optimal strategy for replacing filters

Precise filter monitoring and analysis

Differential pressure sensors monitor the pressure drop across the filter and indicate when a filter needs to be replaced. Timely filter replacement reduces energy consumption as well as wear and the likelihood of overall system failure.

Increased end-user willingness to purchase replacement filters

Filter saturation depends on operating hours and average air pollution levels. Since these are highly individual, customers often neglect replacement intervals. A sensor-based filter alarm enables cost-optimized replacement.

Cost optimization through ideal replacement timing

If a filter is replaced at the right time, filter performance can be optimized and energy costs and filter replacement costs can be reduced at the same time.

Increased indoor air safety

Well-maintained air filtration systems ensure a lower particle count in indoor air, minimizing the risk of airborne virus and bacteria infection. This provides greater indoor air safety and can reduce incidents of illness.

Proven differential pressure sensor technology

Sensirion's sensor solutions are used worldwide in filter monitoring applications, building services and air handling equipment such as air purifiers.

Continuously optimized measurement methods

Sensirion is continuously researching new, cost-effective and innovative measurement methods to enable reliable filter monitoring in all air purification segments worldwide.

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