Air purifiers

Environmental sensors help to make air purifiers smart

How our sensors make a difference

Compliance with healthy building standards

Our sensors are designed to meet the highest quality standards. They also comply with IAQ standards like RESET®, WELL Building Standard™ and California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, streamlining device certification. This translates to a faster time to market, enabling quicker project completion and a more efficient path to regulatory compliance.

Cost-efficient and fast design-in with combo modules

Our combo modules integrate multiple sensors in one platform, measuring up to 9 environmental parameters. They eliminate the complexity of sensor integration and development, reducing time to market and development costs.

Improved device performance

By precisely monitoring air quality in real time, our sensors ensure consistent and reliable purification results over device lifetime, offering people peace of mind regarding the air quality in their homes.

Autonomous device control

Our environmental sensors enable automated operation of air purifiers. Depending on the level of air pollution, smart air purifiers adapt the air flow rate through the filter to provide clean air for the user.

All-In-One Environmental Node

Sensirion's leading expertise in environmental sensing is packaged in a sensor module that greatly simplifies mechanical and electrical integration.

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Why Sensirion should be part of your solution

Most innovative product

We continually advance our technology through a robust research and development program. Each development iteration aims to improve accuracy, lifespan, and power efficiency, while simultaneously reducing sensor size and costs.

Quality and reliability

Our sensors are rigorously tested in both lab and field settings, reflecting our commitment to precision and reliability in performance. Additionally, they undergo thorough testing within devices to guarantee optimal functionality.

25+ years of experience

Trusted by leading air purifier manufacturers, we work with them on their premium products. This allows us to gain a deep understanding of the latest technologies and future trends, positioning us as a reliable partner equipped to meet diverse application requirements.

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