Condensation control for refrigerators

Efficiently preventing condensation and dripping

By measuring the dew point, a heating coil can be controlled in an energy-optimized way to prevent condensation of moist air at the thermal bridges of refrigerator doors. This prevents puddling in humid environments.

Intelligent control for maximum energy efficiency

Robust humidity sensors are central to controlling anti-condensation heating in refrigerators. Heating is controlled for energy efficiency and only turns on when ambient humidity approaches the dew point temperature.

Better energy classification of refrigeration equipment

Thanks to the energy savings provided by intelligent dew point control, the energy classification of cooling equipment can be optimized, depending on the interpretation of the IEC standard.

Innovative humidity sensor technology

Millions of refrigerators are equipped with Sensirion's sensor solutions. In the meantime, four generations of humidity sensors exist, which have always convinced with improved specifications.

Market leader in dew point measurement

For many years, the refrigerator industry has relied on Sensirion's proven SHTxx humidity sensors.

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