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With more than 20 years’ experience in the development and supply of environmental sensor solutions, we lead the field in sensor technology innovation. We provide the sensor hardware and support our customers during the design-in, the development of sophisticated algorithms and the industrialization all the way to mass production. In addition to providing unparalleled performance, we also focus on key characteristics such as size, ultra-low power consumption, fully calibrated digital output and compatible supply voltages.

Complete solutions provider

Sensirion's Environmental Cloud is a highly available and highly scalable platform for all types of sensor data. Our generic data model enables to us not only manage our own sensors but to process any arbitrary sensor-types and to correctly reflect all system-states. We attach great importance to the security of your data and your privacy. You decide who has access to the Environmental Cloud as well as when and how. Those rights can be granted by user, device or on application-level. We also put focus on local legislation. If needed, the data can be distributed to all major regions. As market leader in environmental sensors we have successfully implemented integration projects on a variety of different platforms, including mobile devices, wearables, and even cloud-enabled household appliances (Internet of Things).

Our sensors are already embedded in various platforms such as Atmel and Qualcomm. As part of our all-round support, we also supply customers with dedicated driver software. We are currently extending these applications, which started with our humidity and temperature sensors, to all relevant product lines.

The data streams generated by sensors are rarely what end-users need or expect from a top-level system. To make it usable, the data needs either to be analyzed and combined, or adjusted to take the effects of local systems into account. The types of questions confronting end-users are wide-ranging: how, for example, can you tell from the sensor data if your device was unexpectedly submerged in water? How can you measure ambient temperature reliably if your telephone gets unusually hot during intense use or recharging? In order to answer these questions and others like them, we develop a continuous stream of new and sophisticated algorithms that are designed to obtain meaningful information from environmental sensors and to ensure we get to the heart of what our customers actually want to measure. An integral part of our product offering is Sensirion's Compensation engine. The device compensates for internal heat sources to achieve fast and accurate measurements of ambient temperature and humidity.

Comprehensive product portfolio with user-friendly evaluation kits for easy measurements.

With experience of hundreds of product designs and the expertise of a team of dedicated specialists, we can provide you with the advice, detailed instructions and application notes, system simulations and rapid prototyping.

Environmental sensors require optimal design-in to be able to measure the ambient variables properly. Thanks to our many years of experience with a wide range of technical systems we know what matters in sensor integration, and thus we can offer a unique added value.

Sensors have special demands with regard to their surrounding conditions if they are to function properly. This must be already taken into account during the production of the device. Our smart home specialists can help you with their in-depth knowledge and experience in the industrialization of your product.

Custom product development

Sometimes innovative ideas ask for new solutions and the team of experts at Sensirion is always keen on finding ways to make interesting applications happen through our technology. During the development process, you can rely on Sensirion's highly qualified project teams. Thanks to our committed and competent employees you always benefit from fast and effective technical Support.

Customizations to fit special requirements

Sensors for OEM applications

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Worldwide presence with a global distribution network. We can be local anywhere in the world in order to provide the best possible support at every stage of the project.

CMOSens® Technology

Developing your product, we rely on our unique and patented CMOSens® Technology. This allows integrating the highly precise sensor element as well as the electronics for signal processing on one single tiny chip.

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