Smart air purifiers thanks to environmental sensors

Industry, traffic and other emission sources release pollutants and particulate matter into the air. When these enter living and working areas, the air quality is negatively affected, which can harm our health.

Environmental sensors provide accurate measurement of environmental parameters such as particulate matter, VOC, formaldehyde, humidity and temperature to monitor air quality and the condition of filters in use.

Discover how Sensirion contributes to the solution.

All-In-One Environmental Node

Sensirion's leading expertise in environmental sensing is packaged in a sensor module that greatly simplifies mechanical and electrical integration.

MCERTS certified PM2.5 sensor

Sensirion's reliable and leading measurement technology for particulate matter has been officially confirmed by a certificate from MCERTS, a leading measurement laboratory.

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Indoor air quality

In recent years, a new demand for clean air has developed among many people who value healthy living. When it comes to air quality, most of them rightly are worried about atmospheric pollution, but tend to forget about indoor air pollution.

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The future of improving indoor air quality

When we think of air quality, we tend to think of air pollution in the regions surrounding our homes. We rely on measures such as the Air Quality Index to let us know when airborne pollutants in our towns or cities reach levels that may cause or exacerbate health issues.

As the importance of good air quality and the use of air purifiers is increasing, sensor technologies are playing a crucial role in emerging scenarios. Thanks to Sensirion’s high-quality and exceptionally accurate environmental sensors, our air treatment devices can constantly and reliably monitor various indoor air pollutants and efficiently improve indoor air quality

Formaldehyde sensing made easy with Sensirion's SFA30 sensor

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