With our smart sensor solutions, we help manufacturers of household appliances to make their applications more energy-efficient, so that end consumers use less electricity. Furthermore, our innovative sensor technology ensures smart operation and enables new features, for example in the area of environmental monitoring.


Air purifiers: Smart air purifiers thanks to environmental sensors

Industry, traffic and other emission sources release pollutants and particulate matter into the air. When these enter living and working areas, the air quality is negatively affected, which can harm our health.

Air conditioners: Highest comfort with maximum energy efficiency

Air conditioners keep the indoor climate at a comfortable level. Depending on the range of functions, they cool, heat, dehumidify, ventilate and purify the indoor air. Sensirion's environmental sensors optimize operation for a wide range of application scenarios.

Refrigerators: Condensation control for refrigerators

To prevent condensation and misting, heaters are installed in the door frames of refrigerators. Efficient control brings clear benefits here.

Our expertise

20 years

For many years, the refrigerator industry has relied on Sensirion's proven SHTxx humidity sensors.


of air conditioners worldwide are equipped with Sensirion's sensor solutions every year.