Outstanding technology

We want to work with outstanding technology to make a difference and lay the foundations for a smarter future.

Our sensors achieve the highest quality despite their small size

7x smaller

Sensors based on Sensirion’s PASens® Technology are seven times smaller than previously available CO₂ sensors – with the same sens


The robust SGP Multi-Pixel is the first siloxane-resistant gas sensor on the market thanks to MOXSens® technology.

Our high-quality environmental and flow sensors and sensor solutions help increase energy efficiency in many sectors. We use technology to enhance safety, support health applications and improve quality of life.

More about Sensirion

Increasing efficiency

Sensirion develops innovative sensor solutions for efficient, sustainable energy management.

Quality and reliability

Our sensor products ensure maximum reliability for the most demanding of applications.

Improving health

Our sensor solutions allow medical examinations and treatments to be continuously optimized.